Ockey and Eidson Take a 45-Point Lead in ProAm with Eighth Win of the Season

Ockey and Eidson Take a 45-Point Lead in ProAm with Eighth Win of the Season

  • Sep 14, 2019
Salinas, California (Saturday, September 14, 2019) – US RaceTronics’ ProAm duo of Damon Ockey and Jacob Eidson inched ever closer to the ProAm championship today with their eighth win of the season, while Am driver Steven Aghankhani brought home a second-place finish in class in the No. 6 Lamborghini of Beverly Hills. Patrick Liddy started in the No. 24 Elephantea Lamborghini of La Jolla, but tire degradation was an issue in the second-half of the race, hindering co-driver Ron Atapattu who came up just short of a podium with a fourth-place finish in ProAm.

Ockey started the day ninth overall and third in class and was attacking for eighth-place overall when he dropped two wheels off in Turn 1. With a quick recovery he dropped just two spots, bringing the No. 09 Lamborghini of Vancouver into the pits from 11th-place. Eidson took over and quickly moved through the field. He moved into first-place in class on lap 21 and was in a battle for fifth overall in the closing laps, but the heat had taken a toll on the tires and he wasn’t able to quite make the pass before the checkered-flag dropped.

Steven Aghakhani started the race first in class and fifth overall, but quickly moved up to fourth-place, holding off Pro driver Sandy Mitchell for the next nine laps, before surrendering the spot on lap 10. Aghakhani continued to push and came out of the pitstop still running first in class, but also had tire issues and was passed for the lead on lap 25. This was Aghakhani’s seventh straight podium finish since joining the series at Watkins Glen International.

Patrick Liddy started the race from the ProAm pole, but lost a couple of spots on the start. He continued strong for the entire first-half of the race before turning the No. 24 Elephantea Lamborghini of La Jolla over to Ron Atapattu late in the pit-window. Atapattu struggled with tire degradation his entire stint, but was still driving strong and gaining on the third-place car at the end of the race. Unfortunately, he just didn’t have enough time to make the pass for the final spot on the podium.

The team has its final race on North American soil tomorrow, September 15th at 9:25 a.m. PDT. Make sure to tune into the live stream at: http://squadracorse.lamborghini.com/en-en/live-streaming


Damon Ockey – “The race today was pretty good; pretty uneventful. I had one little bit of a scary moment in Turn 1 when I went two wheels off into the gravel and came back on and just about had a collision, but I didn’t so that was good. I brought the car in and Jake went out. The tires were starting to go by that point because it was getting hot. Jake did really well managing the tires and driving us up to P1, which was great. We ended up P1 in class and P6 overall. The car setup was great; just the tires started to go off because of the hot track. Other than that, it was a good race.”

Jacob Eidson: “It was a good race, but it was also a tough race. The car was really difficult to drive toward the end. Not really because of the setup, but mostly because of the track conditions and the tires. It’s just the nature of this track. Again, another clean race. I’m really happy to get another class win. It got a little exciting there towards the end when I was trying to pass that guy (James Sofronas). I wasn’t quite able to do it, but hopefully tomorrow we’ll be a little bit further up there.”

Steven Aghakhani: “Started Race 1 strong. Moved up to P3, but was caught on the outside of Turn 3 and dropped back to P4. I held off one of the Pro drivers for about 7 or 8 laps I believe. Obviously, we used a little more tires than we wanted to. Set up was more saving the front tires than the rear. I had to struggle with it the entire race, but we did what we could. I had a little moment in Turn 5 and got passed by the first place AM driver, but kept it in second; kept it clean. We came home and brought the car in one piece. I want to thank all my sponsors who came out to support me this weekend. Hopefully we can get a win for them tomorrow.”

Patrick Liddy: “We had a really exciting race. It was tough because we expected it would be a little cooler. The track actually heated up right before we went out. But anyway, we had a great start. We went from P6 to P4 and briefly P3 overall. We were in P3 as we were sliding through the marbles on the outside of the corkscrew and then going down the dirt path through the corkscrew. It was a great race. We had a good recovery and came in P1 in class, but unfortunately, I wasn’t good enough to the tires to have a drivable car for the end for Ron, so he had a few moments and dropped back to fourth in class. Ron drove a great race and obviously its beautiful out here in Monterey. We’re looking forward to retribution tomorrow.”

Ron Atapattu: “We had a good starting position but we ended up not taking advantage of our opportunity. The car was very loose and we had difficulty just keeping up with everyone else. Hopefully tomorrow we’re going to do better.”

Shane Seneviratne: “It’s not the results we were expecting. Being our home race, we were hoping to get everyone on the podium, but nevertheless the 09 car with Damon and Jacob did a fantastic job. Like usual they finished first in ProAm. Steven and Ron struggled a little bit with tire degradation towards the end of the race that cost us a better position. Steven still finished second, but I think we could have finished first with him. He had the pace; he showed really good pace at the start of the race. So we’re going to make some changes to the cars and try to manage our tires better for tomorrow’s race and hopefully have a good result for our home race. Like usual, I want to thank all our guests, all our sponsors, our families and friends who are here supporting our team and drivers this weekend. Its been great to have everybody here. All the crew guys, like usual, have been working hard. We still have a big mission ahead to get all the cars ready for the World Finals. I hope the drivers keep all the cars clean for us and get good outcomes tomorrow.”

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*Photos Courtesy of Jamey Price
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